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We put together a Cybersecurity Webinar to help you become more aware of cyber threats. Why?

Because, in the last year,
phishing attempts jumped by 600%!

We want to make sure your employees know how to
spot cyber danger before it infects your network.

$100 Million Google and Facebook Spear Phishing Scam

Scammers sent phishing emails to specific Google and Facebook employees, invoicing them for goods and services that the manufacturer had genuinely provided — but directing them to deposit money into their fraudulent accounts. Between 2013 and 2015, Hackers cheated the two tech giants out of over $100 million.

Falling for a
cyber trick can cost
your company BIG!

So we want to create a strong defense for your
company’s data protection. Training your Employees
is necessary for Cybersecurity.

Microsoft 365 phishing scam steals user credentials

The target receives a blank email with a subject line about a “price revision.” The email contains an attachment that looks like an Excel spreadsheet file (.xlsx). However, the “spreadsheet” is actually a .html file in disguise. Upon opening the (disguised) .html file, the target is directed to a website containing malicious code. The code triggers a pop-up notification, telling the user they’ve been logged out of Microsoft 365, and inviting them to re-enter their login credentials.

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