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“Leaked personal
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If your Data is for sale on the Dark Web,
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 Credit Cards or Personal Loans taken out in your name

 Going out of Business

Uber security breach 'looks bad', potentially compromising all systems

The hacker, who claimed to be 18 years old, told NYT he had sent a text message to an Uber employee and was able to persuade the staff member to reveal a password after claiming to be a corporate information technology personnel. The social engineering hack allowed him to breach Uber's systems, with the hacker describing the company's security posture as weak. 

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High-Profile Twitters Users’ Accounts Compromised After Vishing Scam

Twitter has described the incident as a “phone spear phishing” attack (also known as a “vishing” attack). The calls’ details remain unclear, but somehow Twitter employees were tricked into revealing account credentials that allowed access to the compromised accounts. Following the hack, the FBI launched an investigation into Twitter’s security procedures. The scandal saw Twitter’s share price plummet by 7% in pre-market trading the following day.

"The Dark Web is a huge marketplace for criminals
and is said to generate at least $500,000 per day."

A Dark Web Scan locates your EXPOSED DATA.

The following is a list of the Stolen Data that criminals frequently trade on the Dark Web:

 Account Numbers for Debit and Credit Cards, Savings or Checking Account info & Email Addresses 

 Log-in information for payment systems like PayPal or Venmo

 Driver's License Numbers, Social Security Numbers, Medical Records, Passports, College Degrees

 Mobile and Business Phone Numbers

 Login Info to subscription services like Netflix or Canva

 Crypto Accounts

Don’t give Hackers an extra day to SELL YOUR DATA!

Over 2,200 Cyberattacks happen Every Day!

“A single Hacker can make Thousands, or Millions of Dollars selling your information on the Dark Web”

Phishing scam uses HTML tables to evade traditional email security

To imitate Microsoft’s branding, this attack uses a table instead of an image file—simply a four-square grid, colored to look like the Windows logo. The average employee is unlikely to closely inspect the logo and will automatically trust the contents of the email.


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