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Structure Your Ideal Internet Culture
Writing Policies takes time, that's why we have provided a template for you. Just fill out the form and get your Business Internet Culture Policy now. 
Office Policies Are Not Fun, but They Are a Must.
Here are simple tips to writing a Business Internet Culture Policy:
Websites: Determine which websites are needed for business and which ones you want to block.

Determine the Employees: Some job duties require more internet access than others. For example HR needs access to Job Posting Sites. Marketing needs Social Media Platforms. Etc., etc.

Computer Usage Policy:  This is a document you can review with all employees during onboarding. Clearly outline which websites they can and cannot visit during business hours.

Consequences: A clear policy should outline all consequences that will be considered for browsing websites deemed to be off-limits.

Passwords: Password-level controls can assign each employee to a specific network user group with preset rules and limitations.

Phishing Attacks: Employees should be aware of how easy it is for scammers to feign interest and potentially gain access to your network. Teach them what Phishing Attacks typically look like, as well as tips on reporting them.

Internet Safety Protocol Testing: Simulated cyberattacks can measure your employees' security awareness, regulatory compliance, and test the robustness of current security policies.
Hear it from a Pro!
Business Excellence Team Manager, Crystal Campbell, dives into the importance of premium IT Service and how proper tools such as the hidden expense calculator and an internet culture policy will help you save money.

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